Video Games Logo Quiz – Level 1 Android

Video games Logo Quiz, powered by Unity developer, is the application for those who likes playing the most popular titles in formats such as PC, XBox 360, WII and PSP. But it also includes brand names of many companies introduced in the 70s and 80s decade.

The idea behind this game is you have to name each of 20 symbols you see on your Android screen. You can get hints when your response is correct.

Video games logo quiz level 1.1

Video games logo quiz level 1.2

Video games logo quiz level 1.3

Video games logo quiz level 1.4

Answers and hints for Level 1


Console release in 1994.
Has “greatest hits” line of games.
Online service is “________Network”.


Nintendo 64

Released with first 3D Super Mario.
Rumble Pak!
Went from 32-bit to ________


Electronic Arts

3RD Largest video game company.
Developer of Madden series.
Developer of Need for speed.


Halo 3

Developed by Bungie.
Third in the franchise.


Angry birds

Made in Finland
Fourth best iPhone game of all the time.
Those darn green pigs!


XBox 360

First HD game console.
Created by Microsoft.
180×2= ?



Owned by Take-Two interactive.
Owns 10 studios around the world.
Developer of Grand Teft auto.


The Sims

Best selling game franchise in Pc history.
Originally designed by Will wright.
Life simulation game series.



Best selling game franchise of all time.
Mushroom kingdom.
Has pet dinosaur name Yoshi.


God of war

Based on greek myths.
Originally launched on PS2.
Main character is Kratos.



Released pitfall in 1982 on Atari.
Owns Blizzard.
Home of Call of duty series.


Final fantasy

Holds seven guinness world records.
14 games in the main series.
Developed by Square enix.



Dungeon crawler game.
The town of Tristam.
The devil in Spanish.

Started as Silicon & Synapse.
Home of
World of Warcraft.


Donkey kong

Originally developed by Rare.
Loves bananas.
King of swing!!


Call of duty

Captain Price.
Military arcade shooter.
Developed by infinity ward.



Created by 2K games.
“Would you kindly?”


Goldeneye 007

Created by Rare.
Has been re-released twice.
First popular console shooter in 007 series.



Treasure hunter.
Sir Franci’s decendent.
Nathan Drake.


Half life

Created by Valve.
Black mesa research facility.
Gordan Freeman.

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