The Logo Game Facebook – Pack 9

The Logo game Facebook is everything about corporations, companies, brands, items manufactured or services for people like you all over the world. There are moments in which you guess the names inmediatly but in other opportunities is not so easy as you first think.

Pack 9 has these hard symbols brands: Gain (a G in orange), Kangol (a blue kangaroo), All Nipon Airways (blue A and a bar), China Southern Airlines (turquoise wing plane), Avis (V S), Lloyds TSB (black horse inside a square), JetBlue Airlines (j  B  e), Ubisoft (blue spiral shape), Tropicana (word “T  i  a” with a leave above letter i) and PBS kids (child green face).

the logo game facebook pack 9 answers

the logo game facebook pack 9. answers

the logo game facebook pack 9..answers

Rock fans could answer easily when they see tongue and lip logo, the representation for Rolling stones band and for people who like making graphic desing works, is a piece of cake to identify Photohop logotype.

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  1. There’s four that are hidden and I’m stuck on three of them. The one directly after “Holiday Inn” and the two directly prior to the “OLYMPICS”.

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