The Logo Game Facebook – Pack 8

Who knows everything about brands and their symbols? Certainly, you need a lot of time to get data if you don’t master the world industries names related to clothes, products and goods so you need a guide to get a higher score at The Logo Game Facebook, a quiz for smart people.

For Pack 8 here are the easy ones graphics: Batman (a bat inside an oval), Yellow Pages (a couple of fingers on a yellow guide), Continental Airlines (an earth image), NFL (eight stars in a blue area of a coat), Domino’s (a blue and red dice) and TNT (three gold rings and letter N).

the logo game facebook pack 8 guia

the logo game facebook pack 8. ayuda

the logo game facebook pack 8.. respuestas

The hardests logos in this stage: Marshall (black rectangle with M and ll in it),Staples (red rectangle with letter L), Mikasa (I AA in blue), Oreo (O), Emirates (arabic characters) and Vivo (V  V in purple).

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