The Logo Game Facebook – Pack 7

Do you really know a lot about logos brands around the world? Well, it’s time to find out how smart you are on The Logo Game Facebook, an online version with hundreds of symbols related to fashion, foods, companies and services that you have seen at any moment in your life.

Pack 7 has many hard logos such as: Braun (RA in black), Abarth (yellow and red coat with a scorpio inside), Crocs (a crocodile in a black oval); Dreamcast (spiral), GNC (letter N), Europcar (letter P in a green rectangle), Granini (g  ni  i in a red box) and Henekel (red oval and H  k letters).

The Logo Game Facebook Pack 7 images

The Logo Game Facebook Pack 7 help

The Logo Game Facebook Pack 7 answers

The easy ones: Dragon Ball (yellow ball with red dots), Taco Bell (a bell), Soundcloud (a cloud), Paramount pictures (white mountain in a black circle), Olivetti (a big O) and thr cock music band AC/DC (lightning bolt and DC).

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