The Logo Game Facebook – Pack 5

Until level or Pack 5 you believe The Logo Game Facebook is just an application full of symbols from american and foreign companies, but it’s also a way to learn how the marketing world domain people’s life by promoting their products and services. Let’s see Pack 4 solutions and the brands illustrations.

In this stage you have Blackberry, Canon, Pinterest, Dell, Linux, ATT, ESSO, Motorola, Microsoft, Blue-ray, Netflix, Halmark, Pampers, Wikipedia and Acer, so we could tell it’s a level with a medium difficulty.

logo game facebook pack 5 soluzione

logo game facebook pack 5 (2) guide

 logo game facebook pack 5 (3) solutions

logo game facebook pack 5 (4) all answers

However, these following logos are not a piece of cake: Qualcomm (OMM), Sephora (black rectangle and a white shape) and Amtrak (three blue shapes). The gentlemen are not familiar with Sephora, for example, that is a french chain of cosmetics stores founded by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1970, but it operates more than 1,700 retail establishments in 30 countries worldwide.

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