The Logo Game Facebook – Pack 4

Under the title of The Logo game Facebook, the fun is the same, the logotypes change very little, but the one that knows of what is this game about, is trying to solve it once again. It is probable that the margin of error is minus, because you already had played the version for Android, Blackberry, iPhone or iPad.

Nevertheless, it is not missing the one that chooses to shorten distances and complete the packs more soon. So here you are the solutions for Pack 4, in which there are many known global brands such as United airlines (a stylized U letter in blue and red), Calvin Klein (ck), Bing (i g), Olay (O   y and a woman’s face) or Cartoon Network (CN).

logo game facebook pack 4 solutions

 logo game facebook pack 4 (2) reponse

 logo game facebook pack 4 (3) soluzione

logo game facebook pack 4 (4)

The hardest logos: Tom Tom (a white ball with a pair of red hands), AIM (a yellow man figure) and SAP (blue shape and letter P). The technology symbols are still present with Nokia (KIA), HTC (C green), Samsung (blue oval shape and S white inside), Intel (two rings to the half and I letter blue) and Xbox (gray sphere with x letter green).


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  1. I found a mistake! It’s not United colors of Beneton, it’s United colors of Benetton o other than that im 1st place now!

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