The Logo Game Facebook – Pack 3

For this Logo game version, you have to recall brands from clothing, cars, electronic products, bank services, technology software, airlines companies and many more what you could imagine. Advertising reaches you throught media in every single home around the planet.

The third pack is full of names such as Alfa Romeo (badge with a red cross and a green serpent), CNN (letter N in red), Visa (rectangle with blue and yellow colors with a white background), Starbucks (mermaid inside a green circle) and KFC (Kentucky fried chicken).

logo game facebook pack 3 soluzioni

Answers for MTV, Internet explorer, IBM, Nike, Windows, Puma and American Airlines are a piece of cake for the majority of gamers in this level.

logo game facebook pack 3 (2) full answers

logo game facebook pack 3 (3) risposte

logo game facebook pack 3 (4) soluce

However, the more you watch logos for Sanyo (letter N), Gap (G inside a blue square), Firestone (a coat with a red F) and Allianz (blue stylized eagle? maybe a bird in a circle), the less you can identify them. Unless you learn too much about international leaders in insurance business, you could not get the right solution for Allianz, a company from Germany.

16 Responses
  1. just says:

    it’s GUINNES :evil:

  2. jonathan says:

    hola pon el nivel 1 y 2

  3. No-named says:

    Oye Pack 4.

  4. u r rong says:

    It’s QuikSilver! :twisted:

  5. Rennan says:

    Muito legal adorei o jogo as dicas foram ótimas, me ajudaram muito. Muito obrigado ao criador agradeço de coração.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So many errors.
    Please check your answers >.<

  7. Noé says:

    Y en manque 1 avec le M rayé.

  8. jharynne says:

    It’s so awesome hahaha!

  9. Chiara says:

    Cool ;-) :grin:

  10. Hailey says:

    You’re a genius, thanks!

  11. Hailey says:

    But it’s Guinness not Guiness :twisted:

  12. Glitch says:

    If you need something ask and I’ll tell you. :|

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