The Logo Game Facebook – Pack 22

If you wonder which is the game with too many puzzles in order to get all the correct answers, the logos series is one of them, including, The Logo Game Facebook. For this one in special, you see companies names from every single place on earth so if you think you’re an expert it’s time to prove it.

In Pack 22 these are the difficult logotypes:  MLS (a foot and a soccer ball), BTCC (three cars in a blue and red box), Lowepro (the sun, white mountain and the letters L  ro), Ning (green background, white dots and letter G), Airness (black panter and R), Lu (red tag and L), STP (white T in a red oval), Kookaburra (a bird) and Breitling (EIT and a B between two wings).

Logo game soluzioni pack 22

Logo game reponses pack 22-2

Logo game answers pack 22-3 Logo game answers pack 22-4

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Logo game soluzioni pack 22-6

Logo game answers pack 22-7

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Logo game pack 22 reponses

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Logo game pack 22-12 losung

On the other hand, the easy brands are Ritz-Carlton, WinRAR, Milka, Top Gear, Orient, DivX, WinZip, AVG, The Big Bang Theory, Endomondo, Winamp and Realtek, Google Play, Konica and Nautica.

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