The Logo Game Facebook – Pack 2

Perhaps you think you know every single brand in America, however there are many of them in cities over the world with their own companies and commercial products. The Logo Game Facebook is not free of hard responses, nevertheless you get guides in the net like this with the answers for Pack 2.

In this stage, there’s not such thing as an emblem with a black letter Y (Sony), a blue letter S (Sega), a navy blue letter X (Fox), a red letter E (ESPN) and the logo with a purple F and an orange E (Fedex).

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For women is less difficult to guess the  rectangle blue shape for Nivea, a German company with a positive impact in global skin & body-care products. And the same thing is for Garnier (three water drops and letter G), a French cosmetics brand of L’Oréal within the skin and hair care market. 

27 responses to The Logo Game Facebook – Pack 2

  1. c très bien que vous méter les réponce merci

  2. It says tommy and it has 2 words 😈 😈 😈

  3. Its reebok not rebook

  4. Il manque un mot de 8 lettres pour le logo Tommy et je ne trouve pas :sad:

  5. tommy hilfiger

  6. i
    I love logos games yes!

  7. Umm.. It says Rockstar .. but it has 2 words.. the second one starting with a ‘G’ . What is it?

  8. Good idea.

  9. Rockstar games

  10. It is reebok not rebook!! 😉 ❗

  11. I love Logo games! This is awesome, it is really helping me!

  12. Pack two Rockstar has two words..the second word is a 5 letter word.

  13. Pack two third symbol is wrong on the list provided…you have it as “clacia” but the letters provided are J,O,A,D,I,S,Q,A,A,C…it’s a picture of a silver door knocker.

  14. Génial de chez génial 👿 ❗

  15. 💡 It doesn’t work for Tommy Hilfiger on mine.

  16. Abdul Mateen Baig August 16, 2014 at 9:51 am

    The Porsche symbol is wrong.

  17. Mishell Salazar July 21, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Muy bueno.

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