The Logo Game Facebook – Pack 1

Brands are everywhere and of course you can even see them on your favorite social network account with The Logo game Facebook. Coporation names are listed in packs instead of levels but the goal remains the same, so you must guess all the titles for the logos in this version.

This pack is very easy and you already know most of the images which are representing six big heroes, internet resources, console games, two car manufacturers like Ford (blue oval shaped) and Nissan (a metallic roundel), and a multinational commerce company such as Amazon.

the logo game facebook pack 1 all answers

the logo game facebook pack 1 answers

In food, you can identify the logo for Campbell’sĀ  (red rectangle with C s letters) and in Toys industry, you’ll see Lego symbol (red square with a white letter O). As you remember, that company is the leader in the making of colorful interlocking plastic bricks since 1932 in Denmark.

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