Logos Quiz Answers Level 1, 2 and 3

Those who believe to have a great knowledge with regard to the brands of the world, should try the powerful memory game Logos Quiz, that in its iPad and iPhone edition by the creators of Atico mobile has more than 500 of them, along 9 difficulty levels.

The answers will save you having to waste time, although earlier you might do an effort to guess them, but if you do not remember or there are no familiar names, you will have to look at these solutions for Level 1, level 2 and level 3 that you have here with their images. To visualize them better you could magnify them with the viewer by default in your computer.

logos quiz answers level 1logos quiz answers level 1

In the first level, some ladies in particular could not get problems with names such as Barbie with a big pink letter B. Just for your knowledge, Ruth Handler was the Barbie creator and she was a dreamy teenager who met the love of her life Elliot, in a school dance and they got married after several years of been together. In 1945 Elliot, together with his friend Harold Matson founded the company Mattel. In the beginning it was simply an idea that was born in the garage of a house.

One day Ruth was watching her daughter playing with paper dolls and she realized that as most of the girls, was dreaming of being an adult. Then she thought about an idea of a doll with the look of an ideal girl and that was what every girl wanted to be, so the first model went on sale in 1959 with Barbie’s name in honor to the daughter of both, Barbara, their inspiration source.

logos quiz all the answers level 2

logos quiz all the answers level 2

By the other hand, in level 3 many of you could not know what brand represents the letter T at the begginning of the  correct name that is Teléfonica, a technological company from Spain founded on April 19, 1924. It is a wireless telecommunications service provider for residential telephones, mobile phones as well as internet broadband.

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