Logo Quiz – Music Bands Answers Level 3

For Hip Hop rhythm fans, level 3 of Logo quiz – Music bands will present a couple of groups you have seen them on tv shows or Youtube before. Although here you can find the answers, it is possible that you could enter names in a wrong way, so be careful when you do that.

A logo is going to confuse players is the one of  The Notorious B.I.G., since you can observe points between letters and other that it has a separated name is Flo Rida. On the other hand, although artists like Eminem, P Diddy and The Black Eyed Pea are quite popular, their emblems are not so much.

Logo-Quiz-Music-Bands- answers Level 3 hip hopLogo-Quiz-Music-Bands- answers Level 3 hip hop

This third level has titles bands as Dog Eat Dog (a yellow crown), Run DMC (R, M and N letters in white, inside a black and red striped square), House of Pain (a green, yellow and black shield), Nas (a capital letter “S” and a small letter “a”) and Limp Bizkit  (red letters). As you already know Limp Bizkit is a Nu metal  (a mixed style of heavy metal music) group founded in Florida, United States,  in 1994.


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