Logo Quiz – Music Bands Answers Level 1

Now it’s the time for Logo Quiz – Music bands Android Version in which you have the chance to show your skills related to some of the most popular genres in that industry. One thing you should take into account when you type a couple of  answers is spelling, so in case you fail while you’re entering a name, it’s a good idea to verify it on the internet.

Here you are answers/images for level 1 dedicated to rock music with groups logos such as Rolling Stones (a red tongue), Aerosmith (two black wings), AC/DC (C and D red letters inside a black circle), MUSE (a black and white striped flag with letters MU in white), The  White stripes (white and red striped background), The Doors (doo)  and Ramones (johnny joey dee dee tommy).



Just for your general knowledge, Emerson, Lake & Palmer was also known as ELP, a progressive rock band from England and they  were successful in the 70s.

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