Guess the character Superhero – Level 1

The developer Ant it apps of the Android game Guess the character Superhero knows we all like comics about men and women with extreme powers. That is part of child’s and older people fantasy and of course, we watch adventures of those people at the movie or by TV shows, apart of reading comic books.

The application is full of your favorite heroes and the ones who you probably didn’t hear along your life as tv or movies spectator. These are the answers for level 1.

Guess the character Level 1 solutions

Guess the character Level 1-1 answers

Guess the character Level 1-2 answers

Guess the character Level 1-3

And what are the hard ones to guess? Maybe these ones:  Duck Grayson, Barry Allen and Deadpool. The rest of tha characters are pretty popular all over the world.

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