Flags Quiz Game Answers Level 1

It’s time for Flags Quiz Game where you have to guess the name of the flags of most of the world. They are displayed in a way you could catch their names if you are a pretty smart person on Geography but don’t need to be worry about it, because these are all the answers for first stage in this game made by AticoD for iPhone and iPad platforms.

In level 1, they made sure you learn about flags for countries such as Turkey (grey square with a moon and a star), South Africa (with six colors: blue, red, white, yellow and black), Cuba (blue and white striped square), Mexico (green, white and red with an eagle), United States, European Union (blue with 12 stars), Colombia (horizontal colors yellow, blue and red), England (a red cross in the middle of a white background), Brazil (green background and a blue sphere), United Kingdom (blue, red and white stripes with a red cross in the middle) and Argentina (light blue with white center and a sun).

flags-quiz level 1

You’ll see exotic nations represented in this stage of Flags quiz. One of them is Morocco (red with a green star),  officially named the Kingdom of Morocco, located in North Africa and the capital is Rabat. This country has a king as leader, population speak Arabic Language,  however, in some areas people speak Berber languages.

flags-quiz level 1

Another one is Uruguay (blue and white stripes with a sun on top left corner), a  latin american nation located in the southeastern part of South America. They have a democratic government and the capital is Montevideo.

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