Airline logo answers for Android

For those who loved Logos brands quiz, Airline logo for Android  takes them to a different and interesting challenge to guess flight companies names around the world. Such a game is quite difficult since not all the people are traveling as much as they could, so those logos are unfamiliar for most of them.

In the answers we have companies like KLM (a Dutch airline founded in 1919 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands), British Airways (National airline company for United Kingdom), Cathay Pacific airways (National airline in Hong Kong), Aisina airlines (It is based in Seoul, South Korea and its foundation was in 1988), Virgin atlantic airways (It is part of Virgin Group, a British conglomerate).

airline logo quiz answers

Some players found these ones as the most difficult names: Singapore airline (A gold bird),  Airfrance and Ryanair, because their logos get missing letters in the game. In the case of China southern, you’ll see a sort of  airplane wing in turquoise with a red image inside.

airline logo quiz answers android

Apart from that, another companies are Lufthansa (blue bird inside a yellow circle), Virgin, Saudi Arabian airlines, United airlines, Oceanic airlines, Star alliance, Southwest, Iberia, Malaysia airlines, Swiss, Portugalia airlines, Qatar airways, South African airways, US Airways, Spanair, Gulf air, British midland international, Westjet, easyJet, Thai airways, Oceanic airlines, Airbus and Airberlin.



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